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It Starts.

What starts? Hell if I know.

Oh, wait, this blog starts… yea, that was it.
In that case; Greetings, my miniscule amount (Zero as of this post) of readers! This is I Hate My Life and this Music Tells Me Why, a blog dedicated to the dark, stingy, and sometimes depressing music I listen to! No, I’m not a totally goffik Satan-loving-blood-drinking moron, don’t worry.
Now, what music is that, you might ask? Anything heavy, double-bass filled, and loud, pretty much. My iPod is populated with almost every subgenre of Metal, even the completely random “Blackened Death Metal” (Seriously, WTF?). That doesn’t mean I wont open myself up to other genres, however. I’m a huge fan of Alt. Rock bands like My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, and Papa Roach. Punk Rock is also a personal favorite of mine, with bands like Green Day and The Offspring. Otherwise, though, I don’t listen to much, Michael Jackson works his way into the mix here-and-now, but he’s the only exception I’ll ever make for Pop.
My brain tells me that at this point, you’re thinking, “What the fuck is this kid saying?” Well, I have your answer! … sorta.
This blog is all about the music that plagues my ears every day, good or bad, and will consist of many things: Album reviews, general news, some random features or “Top 5s”, all complete with my own personal opinion on the subject matter, because you all really care about that… right? Some personal non-musical things will be littered about, as well. When will the first REAL post be? Soon enough. Probably later tonight when I can’t hear Fallout 3 calling me from the next room.
The first actual post will be a review of the album Evangelion by BEHEMOTH.
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