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The Local Flare – Violetta

Violetta is a band that formed in Columbus, Ohio, a mere twenty minutes from my small town home. When you first see their lineup – a group of four guys and a female vocalist – your first thought is probably “Oh God, another Paramore rip-off.” Let me tell you, they’re anything but that. Violetta is undoubtedly one of the most impressive groups I’ve heard to date, both on record and live.

I have seen them twice, once at their first public show at a club in Columbus, and again this Wednesday at a surprise performance at Away Band Camp (For the note: Their lead guitarist, Austin Covey, was a fellow trumpeter who graduated last year), both were incredible impressive performances.

Their first and only EP, Are We There Yet?, shows just what the band is made of. It features four tracks, all of which are a thrill to hear. Lead vocalist Brooke Weirick powers through the album with a voice that easily rivals that of Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee. No kidding, she’s that good. The guitarists all move with her vocals, and Austin rips some amazingly impressive solos. Of course, we can never forget their drummer, and he plays his part wonderfully, keeping the beat in a fun and interesting way, and does some impressive work with the bass.

You can purchase Are We There Yet? on iTunes for $3.96 (excluding tax), and I highly suggest you do that right now. They’re a band that any Alternative Rock fan needs to check out. You wont be disappointed.

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