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I’m Giddy

First of all; I apologize for the minimal post count recently. I’m looking for some time to get a few posts in. I’ll list what those are at the end of this one. This is just a short little post to explain why I be giddy.

If you saw my recent feature on local band Violetta, you would know that their EP, Are We There Yet? is fucking awesome. Well, a few days ago, I came across this tweet from vocalist Brooke Weirick. That’s totally my review she’s linking too. Commence nerdgasm.
Well, today, after seeing an announcement in the form of a MySpace name change that Violetta was working on a FULL-LENGTH ALBUM (Commence 2nd fangasm), I went to look at their blog about. Guess what I, once again, found a link to? My goddamn review. I’m in a complete state of euphoria over this. I’m absolutely, completely and utterly geeking out right now. I’m just… ohmahgawd… If you were in my shoes, you’d be doing the same, trust me. This is so awesome, knowing that an artist read a review by a blogger with a fanbase of twelve people’s review of them. It’s just… GAWD I LOVE IT!
Ah… okay. Fangasming over now. ANYWAYS… for the list of upcoming (Hopefully) posts:
  • Review of Arch Enemy’s The Root Of All Evil
  • Review of Muse’s The Resistance
  • Review of Owl City’s Ocean Eyes
  • Review of Cage The Elephant’s self-titled debut album.
  • Feature on The Beatles
  • Feature on Dope
  • Local Flare feature on Though She Wrote.
See you all later! Rock on.
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