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On The Run

Hope you all didn’t think I was dead. I was damn close to it, though. Bastards broke through the windows, flooded the house beneath us. We had to run around the horde – via jumping out the windows over them – before they crawled on top of each other until they piled over the wall that was once our stairs. We’re left without weapons, and minor amounts of food. Our goal now? Rickenbacker Base. A military base located north from here, we heard from another survivor that the Air Force and the National Guard are performing a joint-operation there to provide refuge for survivors and evacuation services. The survivor who told us said he was going back for his family… but our entire town has been overrun, we were lucky to get out alive. He’s probably dead by now.

We’re just going to hope that Rickenbacker is alive and well and  there are few ghouls between here and there.


Probably only one or two more of these. Unlikely any between now and Christmas, so, Happy Holidays, all!

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