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Top 5 Drummers Of The Decade

We all know the importance of the drummer in a band. Without them, any band would probably fail at keeping together. They add another layer to the music that, in a lot of cases, can make you go “Wow!”. These drummers are the ones who have shown the most skill, the most creativity, and the most awesome.


Bränn Dailor of MASTODON

Scoring points for writing a bad ass song, Dailor probably beats out all of these guys in terms of singing and drumming at the same time. He’s the king of rolls, and has one of the awesomest looking sets in metal. Polka-dots, bitches.


Mike Wengren of DISTURBED

Being in one of the greatest bands ever automatically scores you some cool points in my book, but Mike gets this spot for mainly one reason. The opening to Down With The Sickness. Everyone knows it! Its such a simple beat, but yet its such an iconic one in metal culture, that it can be recognized by a pack of metal heads who don’t even care about Disturbed. He’s a kick-ass drummer outside of that intro, though, don’t worry.


Zbigniew Robert “Inferno” Promiński of BEHEMOTH

While he may not be the best looking in this countdown, he’s certainly one of the most talented. Bonus points for having some the craziest legs out there. Seriously. Just go listen to any Behemoth song, he keeps the double-bass going for the whole song almost every time. Inferno practically wrote the book on hitting a snare drum really fast… with one hand.


Joey Jordison of SLIPKNOT

Now, many would sit there and think, Joey isn’t number one!? Well, no, he isn’t. A lot of Joey’s recognition comes from the crazy shit his drum kit does on stage. Turning upside down, exposing a pentagram light underneath it, and he does all that while playing a solo? Yea, that’s neat. But when it comes to sheer talent, one beats out even this heavy-metal legend. That’s not to say that he’s bad though, he wouldn’t be here without the awesome amounts of talent.


Jimmy “The Rev.” Sullivan of AVENGED SEVENFOLD

Yea, you knew it was coming. I spent all of yesterday sobbing my heart out on Twitter, listening to A7X, and mourning the loss of this great drummer. It was hard to guess that he wouldn’t top my list. But! He isn’t there just because of his tragic death two nights ago, he would have been in this spot anyways. The Rev added a whole ‘nother element to A7X’s music, and made himself into more than just the drummer. Back in the band’s more metalcore-ish days, he played like a true metal drummer, roaring bass, pounding snares, and everything else, but then with that transition to hard-rock with the release of their self-titled album in ’07? He really showed his stuff. Taking away from the clichés of the genre, and really showing his creativity and skill. It’s safe to say that, even if Avenged does find another drummer, they could only hope of matching the talent, personality, and creativity that was Jimmy “The Rev.” Sullivan. May he rest in peace.

Of course, as I write Jimmy’s piece, Warmness Of The Soul by A7X comes on… (Look it up. Sad song)

Alright, I’ll try to stop crying for five seconds! Next countdown: The Biggest OMGWTF Moments in Music of the 2000s!

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