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Top 5 “OMGWTF” Moments in Music (Of 2009)

So, this was supposed to be an “Of The Decade” post, but the final list ended up being only stuff from 2009. So, ya. Deal with it.

THESE are the moments in music where all that you could do after seeing is sit there, jaw hitting the floor, and utter the mother of all naughtyness – OH MAH GAWD WHAT THE FUCK!? I’ll warn you, there’s scary shit ahead.


Marilyn Manson has T3H SWINE FLU OH NOES… wait…

It's called "shock-rock" for a reason, guys... jeez.

No he doesn’t. That, my friends, is what we call a “publicity stunt”! When I first heard that Manson had the airborne bacon virus, I ’bout crapped myself! The father of shock rock could die OMGWTF!? Well, even if he did have t3h swine, he probably wouldn’t have died, but still, OMFG. And then he comes out sayin’, “lol pwnt”. Dick. He’s still awesome.


This picture:

You ready for the really scary part? After seeing this, I went to Google and typed in “The Jonas Brothers are”, and that’s what actually came up, in the same order. SERIOUSLY!? JONAS BROTHERS < BEATLES – NO QUESTIONS ASKED. THERE ARE NO LULZ TO BE HAD WITH THIS BLASPHEMY! Go search Google right now, if it’s not the top suggestion, it’ll be one of them.


Imma let you finish!

I don't even watch True Blood, but Twilight sucks.

Kanye West is a dick, we’ve always known that – and he sucks at “music”. But his epic interruption of Taylor Swift at the VMA’s was just legendary not only for it’s doucheyness, but also for the great meme that it spawned! I don’t like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, or Kanye, but, my god, that was just DOUCHEY.


“The Rev.” dies

This makes three times now that I’ve mentioned his death on this blog, but… it’s just so damned tragic. When I woke up at 2 in the morning the night he passed, only to discover this, I cried. No joke. My jaw still hasn’t relocated from that drop, and I don’t think it will for a long time. The Rev. was one of the greatest drummers ever to live, and his loss is truly a tragic one. R.I.P.


Michael Jackson’s Death

The King of Pop – dead. Who would’ve guessed? It came out of nowhere – just like The Rev’s. Rushed to the hospital, and then pronounced dead on an otherwise insignificant day. Michael Jackson’s death touched the world in a way that not even The Rev’s passing did. We lost a true icon on that day, and one of humanity’s few visionaries remaining. And, to all of you mocking him, or saying that the little boys are safe now, all I have to say is this: Go fuck yourselves.

For the record: I’m not trying to make it seem like the Rev’s death wasn’t a big deal, it was a ridiculously frikin’ huge deal.

Well… uh… that’s it. NEXT COUNTDOWN: I dunno yet. We’ll figure that out.

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