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The Albums You Need To Hear in 2010

It’s a new year, and the swarm of both good and bad music is coming! One can hope for a good year, but, the again, rap still exists. So, music will still be a pile of fail this year. But! Does it all have to be bad? No necessarily. These are the most anticipated, and most promising looking albums set to come out in 2010. Even if they don’t have a name yet.

(Album Title – Artist – Estimated release)

Y Not – Ringo Starr – Released

The most under appreciated of the Fab Four has produced yet another record at age 69, and it’s some good stuff. This album really shows that Ringo has a lot more talent than people believe, and it’s fun music!

Untitled – My Chemical Romance – Spring

Am I the only one here who thinks Ray is attempting to be a little... provocative in this picture?

It has no title. It has no release date. It has no singles (yet). Quite frankly, we don’t know jack-shit about the new MCR album. Gerard has stated in interviews that the band “Misses being a rock band”. The only guess you can make from that is that the band is going away from the more theatrical The Black Parade, and coming back to their rock-n’-roll roots in the Three Cheers days. The only real worry with this album is that it could suck as hard as the debut record did.

Untitled – SlipKnot – Unknown

The only way we know this album is even happening is because Chris Fehn of SlipKnot said in an interview that it was happening. We don’t know shit about this album, but it’s more SlipKnot, and that can’t be bad.

Untitled – Stone Sour – Possibly not even 2010

Speaking of SlipKnot, Stone Sour recently announced that they would be recording a follow-up to 2006’s Come What(ever) May. Yes, Corey and Jim of SlipKnot are still involved in Stone, so its all cool.

Untitled – Cradle of Filth – Possibly not 2010

The only thing I know about this album is that Kerrang! did a report about Cradle of Filth going back into the studio for ninth record. What else do we know? Absolutely nothing. If it does come out, it’s bound to me more Filthy goodness, if that makes any sense, so keep an eye out for it.

Untitled – Avenged Sevenfold – Soon, maybe.

With the tragic passing of A7X’s drummer, The Rev., it was unclear if Avenged would still put out the album they were working on. Well, good news has come: M. Shadows, the band’s front man, stated in a blog post that they would still be releasing the new record. He said that “We had to do it for Jimmy.” The bigger question right now is whether or not the band will continue on without Jimmy after this album’s release.

Untitled – Violetta – Unknown

Image copyright 2009: Kat Harvey

Yes, I’m talking about Violetta again. Why wont I shut about them? Because they’re amazing. No questions asked… and I know one of their guitarists, so I’m helpin’ out a friend. But, anyway! After a single EP, Violetta has begun work on their first full-length album, expected for release this year! This isn’t one you’ll find major news outlets reporting, so keep track of what’s going on with this debut album at their MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/violettarocks

Untitled – Nine Inch Nails – Might not even be an album…

While Trent Reznor and his touring group of Nine Inch Nails may have made their final tour last year, Trent has said that he still plans to produce music under then name of Nine Inch Nails. A recent announcement was made over the NIN website that Trent was working on two new productions – One from NIN, and one that isn’t. This may simply be a demo, but I’m hoping for a full-length album.

Untitled – “Weird Al” Yankovic  – Unknown

First of all, thanks to Oboewan for mentioning this one. Anyway. We’ve seen two EPs from Weird Al recently, both of which are supposed to total half of his new album… but here’s the thing: We don’t know shit about this record! Well, he’s called “Weird Al” for a reason.

And that’s about all that’s noteworthy! If you feel that I missed a record, please, feel free to mention it.

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  1. Oboewan
    January 18, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    You forgot the new half-released-already “Weird Al” album that we know zero about except for the fact that approximately half of the album was released as an EP at various points throughout the summer. Other than that, I can’t think of anything.

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