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Top 5 Voices Of The Decade

February 16, 2010 3 comments

Well, it all comes down to this. The voice of a band is typically the most unique thing about a band’s sound, and it’s what makes them recognizable, assuming it’s a good voice. Take note: I’m excluding screamers from this, no Dani Filth or Nergal in this list. This is a list of people who actually sing, and do it with copious amounts of awesome.

Note: I honestly have little to say on these folks, you’re just gonna have to take my word on their talents. I’m running out of descriptive compliments.


Jacoby Shaddix of PAPA ROACH

Also winning the award for “Most Tattoos”, Jacoby Shaddix’s voice is one of the most recognizable of the Hard Rock genre. He gave a rapping part melody, if that says anything about how good he is.


David Draiman of DISTURBED

If you’re a metal fan in any way, shape, or form, you know David Draiman. His voice is a much-needed break from the typical screaming and roaring of modern metal, and lives up to it’s reputation. It’s powerful, distinct, and is what makes Disturbed, Disturbed.


Adam Young of OWL CITY

What I should say is that he is Owl City. Seriously. This insomniac-stricken genius is best known for his voice, as he does what so many pop artists anymore fail to do: Not use auto-tune. His voice is pure, new, and incredible.


Matthew Bellamy of MUSE

Matthew Bellamy is one of the most creative minds in music today. For God’s sake, his band’s NAME is Muse! They’re so creative, creativity itself is their name! Matt’s voice has one of the most ungodly ranges ever – and that’s a compliment. He knows high notes better than anyone else today, and still can maintain a solid pitch even when he’s playing twenty spaces above the scale.



Gerard Way knows singing. He does it better than a lot of other people I’ve heard. Many would argue that Bellamy rightfully deserves this spot, but let’s look at the facts: Bellamy can sing high, and that’s about it. While Gerard may not match the Muse frontman, he still has an incredible range, and can keep himself there. He’s got that weird twang-like thing that’s bizarrely enjoyable, too.

Fucktarts. I’m out of things to say. Uh. Yea. That’s it. I’m gonna go play Mass Effect 2. This post sucks. You should just pretend it doesn’t exist. ME OUT.

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Top 5 Guitarists Of The Last Decade

February 7, 2010 4 comments

So, I might have said I was done with these with the 10 Songs, but there were still two I wanted to do. We’ve already honored the top 5 drummers of the 00ties, now let’s let the guitarists have some of the spot-light.


Dani Evans of ALESTORM

Yes, the pirate metal band just got an award. Despite Alestorm‘s light-hearted piratey goodness, Dani still rips one heluva solo. If he were involved in a more serious band, there would be incredible potential for this pirate fan.



While many prefer to recognize SlipKnot’s lead player, Mick Thomson, as a better player than Jim, I disagree. Jim displays more skill in not just playing really fast, but also overall musicality. His solos are incredible, and he plays a lot more of them than Mick does. His additional work for side-project Stone Sour is equally impressive, even if he plays a few less solos.


Brent Hinds of MASTODON

Yes, I’m giving Mastodon more attention. Shut up. Brent Hinds is a lot of the force behind this powerful group, he is one of their primary writers, and does some of the best improv solos in history. The solos in many Mastodon songs, including Oblivion and Divinations, were made up on the spot. “Here’s how I write my solos: I don’t.” He scores the #3 spot for writing these incredible solos without even thinking about it.


Michael Amott of ARCH ENEMY

While he definitely isn’t the best known guitarist on this list, Michael Amott is one of the most talented people in metal history. He rips at least twenty-kajillion mind-blowing solos in each Arch Enemy album. In fact, in the typical Arch album, there’s more time devoted to his solos than vocalist Angela Gossow’s intense screaming.



I don’t know what the fuck he was thinking when he came up with that name, either. Synyster Gates, to me, at least, makes Avenged Sevenfold the metal/hard rock gods that they are. He pulls off some ridiculous solos (Almost Easy?), and wrote one of my favorite individual riffs ever. Listen to Afterlife, you’ll know which one it is. Many would disagree, citing people like Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine (That means you, Joel), but I argue that Synyster is just…. Oh, I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Take my word for it. Syn is amazing.

That’s it. Next (and definitely last) list: Top 5 Vocalists.

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