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Review – Plastic Beach

April 4, 2010 Leave a comment

The Gorillaz are one of the industry’s more bizarre bands. They’re electronic/rap/alt. rock style captivated listeners with the 2005 classic Demon Days. Since those times, we’ve seen very little from the virtual band, both from the real band and their animated counterparts. When it was announced that we would be getting a new album from Gorillaz, fans flipped out with joy.

Unfortunately, any fan of Demon Days will be sorely disappointed. Plastic Beach took everything that made Demon Days the amazing album it is, and spat on it. The brilliant melodies, symbolic lyrics and unique, interesting style that made this band great? All gone. Replaced with generic, boring, uncreative gangsta rap. Only three songs in this entire album don’t feature some rapper talking into a microphone about trivial things or fucking a girl. The three songs that don’t feature someone? Oddly enough, they’re not that bad. They’re far from great, but definitely better than the rest of the album. If the Gorillaz learn anything from this album, its that they work best alone.

I’m honestly not sure what happened in the last five years with these guys. They put out the incredible and unique Demon Days, and then revert to such… uncreative slop? Its pathetic. Its like all they wanted was to top the charts by making something that could easily shoot into the mainstream, which it did. So they abandoned their loyal fans and went to an entirely different audience, and I do believe that is called ‘selling out’.

The Gorillaz… sellouts. How did it come to this? All that I hope is that Plastic Beach is in no way a sign of other previously great artists falling into such pathetic pools of crap.


The good:

  • A few noteworthy songs.

The bad:

  • Absolutely nothing new or unique about it.
  • Generic, lame rap.
  • Previously different and bizarre band reduced to boring, uncreative garbage.
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