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On Moshing

August 24, 2010 4 comments

At metal concerts, one of the things you’re bound to see is a mosh pit. Typically taking over the front and middle areas of the crowd, mosh pits consist of people ramming into each other violently while the music is played. There’s many varieties of mosh pits, such as the circle pit: In which a large circle is opened up in the crowd and audience members go around the edge of it while being pushed. Its something that’s just natural at metal concerts, and some heavier rock concerts, anymore, and I’m about to tell you why its stupid.

I live in a small town south of Columbus, Ohio, and tonight, in Columbus, the Uproar Festival Tour is rolling through town bringing two of my favorite bands with it. Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed in one night? Sign me up! But I’m not going. In fact, I’ve never really planned on going, when the tickets first went on sale a few months back, one of my friends was eager to find out if I was going. I told him no. He’s not going either (but not for the same reasons). But why am I not going? Two of my favorite bands ever are playing and the tickets were relatively cheap, well, 1) I’m going to see Adam Lambert next Monday. But 2) (And more importantly), the mosh pit.

Moshing just doesn’t sound appealing. At all. At all. When I go to a concert, I want to listen to a band that I enjoy play live music for the audience that I’m a part of. What I don’t want is to have to get beaten up and thrown around by people I don’t even know in order to listen to and enjoy that music. Hell, I don’t think I could enjoy that music because I’m too busy being beaten up and thrown around! There’s just no sense in it, and it degrades the entire purpose of going to the concert in the first place!

When I went to the Violetta concert at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, I enjoyed the concert a lot. Because the bands were great, Violetta was great, I got to see my friend perform on stage in what was a pretty big deal of a concert, and I walked back out with all of my limbs attached. Were I to go to the Uproar show tonight, I’d most likely walk out a bit bruised, and I’d probably have some blood on me that doesn’t belong to me. I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to the music because I’d be too busy being thrown around the crowd to pay attention the whole reason I’m there. Its just stupid, and would have me leave the concert thinking that I had just wasted $45 on that ticket.

So, could someone please explain to me the appeal of moshing? Please?

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