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Concert Review – Adam Lambert at Madison Theater

Considering that American Idol receives more votes per year than the Presidential elections, I’m sure you all know who Adam Lambert is. He was the 2nd place winner in the 2009 competition, with 1st being taken by Kris Allen. However, despite taking 2nd, its pretty easy to tell that Lambert is the one who’s been more successful post-Idol. He’s already released a full length album, is writing a second, and his single “Whatya Want From Me” hit 10 in the US Billboard Top 100 chart. This year he’s charging around North America in his fabulous Glam Nation Tour 2010, then name being inspired by a common nickname for Adam: Glambert.

On August 30th, he crossed through Convington, Kentucky – a town right off of the Ohio River near Cincinnati – stopping at the Madison Theater for a performance. I was so there. Right there. And I have a lot to say.

First, the bad (And it has nothing to do with Glambert): Madison Theater is probably the single WORST General Admission venue ever built by man. Its small, cramped, and poorly built. The back area is slightly higher than the main pit, but there’s a roof over it that makes up the balcony, and it blocks your view if you’re back too far, then combine that with obnoxious drunk people, and you’ll only be able to see when you’re actually in the pit. But GOOD LUCK GETTING THERE! The place is so tight that there’s no way you’ll ever be able to work your way in.

But, enough about the venue, because it sucking was not Adam’s fault. Now, this guy… this guy can mother fucking SING. We already knew that through his work in Idol and his first record, For Your Entertainment, but – in my humble opinion – he sounds even better live than on record. Even when he was near the end of his set, when you could hear through his speaking voice that his voice was about to give out, he rocked that microphone. Never even in the slightest slipping off key, and those insanely high notes that he reached on record like in Strut? Yea. He hit every single one of those. Perfectly. He also performed an acoustic version of the hit single Whataya Want From Me, and that sounded absolutely spectacular. I’d comment on his dancing, but unfortunately, there were too many drunk people in front of us for me to be able to see anything until the finale. I did get a glimpse of the Mad Hatter hat from the If I Had You video, though… that was cool, I guess.

Despite the awful venue, though, we made the best of it and just enjoyed hearing this amazing performer live. It was a fun night, and there’s definitely a strong live future for Glambert. Next time he rolls around this way, we’ll definitely see him again… hopefully at a nicer place this time.

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  1. Jess
    September 2, 2010 at 5:46 AM

    OMG sounds just like my experience at the ShowBox (aka shitbox) in Seattle! GA standing room only…whole bit. But Adam rocked it. Such a professional. I saw him in Costa Mesa CA 2 times also…he gave the same great show for 1700 as he did for 8,500… just love him for that.

  2. Netmeg99
    September 2, 2010 at 5:52 AM

    Oh I just love you and your review..I especailly like how you said 2nd place winner..I knew reading that you were gonna make me happy.. lol Adam is incredible I have seen GlamNation 3 times all took my breath away. He is without a doubt the most incredible live performer I have ever witnessed. I also saw him New Years Eve at Gridlock and then Fantasy Springs.. I would see everyone of his shows if I could. We are witnessing the birth of a Rock God You Know.. lol Thanks for the great review.

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