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Concert Review – Violetta at the Newport Music Hall (12/12/09)

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Violetta is a band that I have spoken very highly of in the past. My review of their EP, Are We There Yet? explains why this group of rockers is one that should not be ignored. But, the one thing that continues to amaze me even further about Violetta than the brilliance of their EP, is their live performances. It seems that with every internationally-known band I listen to, their live performances are sub-par to what you hear on albums. This is understandable, of course, as there’s no studio-tech making them sound like gods. Still, some quality is expected. Violetta delivers that quality, without question.

I think tonight, at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Violetta truly showed just what they were made of. More so than they did at the other three performances I’ve seen from them. Everything that makes them great, whether it be Brooke’s awe inspiring voice that Haley Williams of Paramore could only dream of having, Austin’s ripping solos, or… well, everything else about them. All of these things were present at this concert, and it showed in both the band themselves and the audience. I saw four bands during my time there, and out of those four, Violetta was the only one that really got the crowd into the show. Some would say that part of that came from the fact that they played three different covers throughout the concert, but still, it worked. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a better cover of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, and there’s an awful lot of those. Sure, the lead of This Is My Suitcase jumped into the audience on more than one occasion, but not even that got them the same amount of attention that Violetta did. That’s not to say the performance from This Is My Suitcase was bad, though.

I’m honestly not sure what more there is to say about this concert, other than that it was absolutely incredible, and I wish that you all could have seen it. Put your V’s up, bizznitches.

If you still haven’t heard Violetta, you should do that right now. RIGHT NOW. Have you done it yet? No? Well GO DO IT! Here’s a link:


The Local Flare – Violetta

August 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Violetta is a band that formed in Columbus, Ohio, a mere twenty minutes from my small town home. When you first see their lineup – a group of four guys and a female vocalist – your first thought is probably “Oh God, another Paramore rip-off.” Let me tell you, they’re anything but that. Violetta is undoubtedly one of the most impressive groups I’ve heard to date, both on record and live.

I have seen them twice, once at their first public show at a club in Columbus, and again this Wednesday at a surprise performance at Away Band Camp (For the note: Their lead guitarist, Austin Covey, was a fellow trumpeter who graduated last year), both were incredible impressive performances.

Their first and only EP, Are We There Yet?, shows just what the band is made of. It features four tracks, all of which are a thrill to hear. Lead vocalist Brooke Weirick powers through the album with a voice that easily rivals that of Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee. No kidding, she’s that good. The guitarists all move with her vocals, and Austin rips some amazingly impressive solos. Of course, we can never forget their drummer, and he plays his part wonderfully, keeping the beat in a fun and interesting way, and does some impressive work with the bass.

You can purchase Are We There Yet? on iTunes for $3.96 (excluding tax), and I highly suggest you do that right now. They’re a band that any Alternative Rock fan needs to check out. You wont be disappointed.

Violetta links:

My Top 5 Album Covers (For Now)

August 16, 2009 2 comments

Oh, the essential album cover. It’s quite possibly the most important part of an album outside of the music itself. It’s the one thing that can make someone browsing the local music store go, “Hm… this looks interesting. I think I’ll buy this,” and end up putting fifteen more bucks in the artist’s pocket. Always nice. I, personally, cannot stand to go without the album artwork being displayed on whatever media player I’m using – on or off my computer. So, I’d like to visit some of my favorite album covers, and why they captured my interest to the point of listening to the album.

#5 – The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance’s third album was definitely their best work, and it had the oddest covers of the three. The little Skeleton-Drum Major dude was rather a cheerful guy, considering he was dead. The inside covers look even stranger, and the way the tracks are listed on the back is creative and unique. It’s a little misleading, as I wouldn’t expect an album with that guy on the front to potentially save my life with it’s awesomeness.

#4 – Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder
I’ll be blunt: I have no fucking idea what’s going on here. Cradle of Filth’s eighth studio album makes as little sense as it’s cover, but damn does that cover catch your eye. The five-faced dude in the center, and the numerous monsters and disturbing children surrounding it make one creepy-ass scene.

#3 – Ultra Beatdown

While many criticize Dragonforce for the fact that all of their songs sound almost exactly the same: It’s fun music. Their 2008 release, Ultra Beatdown, features that armor-clad chick with the huge-ass gun. Guns and boobs, what else do you need to make customers – at least male ones – pick up your album? I know it grabbed me. This was a fantastic album, too.

#2 – Year Zero

Trent Reznor (A.K.A. Nine Inch Nails) may quite possibly become one of the most influential figures in modern music. His daring acts, such as releasing his last album for free, have led him not only to the top of the headlines, but also to the top of the sales charts. Year Zero, the album before his free one, was an extremely impressive endeavor. The strange alien hand-thing coming from the sky that holds the spot on the cover is complicated, and makes… pretty much no sense. But it’s cool to look at.

#1 – Crack The Skye

To put it simply: I love Mastodon. As I explained in my review of this album (previous post), their bizarre mix of different genres brings an amazing sound, and some of the most impressive things we’ve seen from metal artists in the last decade. Crack The Skye‘s album art caught my attention from the moment I saw it heading their MySpace page. It’s colorfulness and bizarre artwork well represents the album itself, and confuses you, just like the album. Were I looking at this in a store, even if I had never heard of Mastodon before, I still would have bought this album simply because of how crazy it’s cover was.

… so, that’s it. For the record; I’m gone at band camp till Thursday. So no posts until about Friday, maybe Saturday. Not sure yet. G’bye, kids!

I Hate My Life And This Music Makes It Better

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, as the title of the blog suggests; I listen to a lot of depressing music. Is that a good thing? Sometimes. I enjoy it, even if it does put me in a cruddy mood from time to time. But, one can only have so much depressing music, and it has to be balanced out if you don’t want to go off and kill yourself because Evanescence told you to. While it may seem like almost all music these days talks about some kind of depressing occurrence like a breakup, or maybe you were simple called a “fag” at school. Well, believe it or not, in that never ending sea of depressing music, there is some happiness out there.

For myself, that happiness is in My Chemical Romance. While a lot of people are under the misconception that MCR is an “emo” band that promotes self-harm and suicide in their lyrics, it’s actually quite the opposite. Not only does the band often say that they want to “save kids lives”, their lyrics are very peppy and encouraging. With lyrics like “Singin’ songs that make you slit your wrists/It isn’t that much fun,” or “I am not afraid to keep on living/I am not afraid to walk this world alone,” or of course, the ever amazing bridge of their single Welcome To The Black Parade:

“Do or die! You’ll never make me! Because the world will never take my heart! Though you try, you’ll never break me! We want it all, we wanna play this part. I wont explain, or say I’m sorry! I’m unashamed! I’m gonna show my scar! Give a cheer, for all the broken! Listen here! Because it’s who we are! Just a man, I’m not a hero, just a boy, who wanna sing his song! Just a man, I’m not a hero! I. Don’t. Care! We’ll carry on!” (Totally wrote that entirely from memory. Hellz yea)

Lyrics like that from MCR, and a plethora of others, always manage to make me feel better whenever I’m feeling like shit. Seriously, ignore anything you hear about them being an emo suicide cult, because that’s all bullshit. I find it ironic that they’re often known as the opposite of what they really are, but it’s the sad truth.

Unfortunately, there are MCR fans that mistake their lyrics for ones that promote self-harm. In 2008, a young british girl, Hannah Bond, hung herself. She had apparently been slitting her wrists for some time prior to her suicide, and had developed quite the obsession with My Chemical Romance. A tragic incident, really. But, the Daily Mail, a british tabloid, accused MCR of being a “suicide-cult”, and that “The Black Parade” is a place where Emos believe they would go when they die.


I didn’t think it was possible to suck that much at reporting, and actually have a reporting job.

Seriously, though, don’t listen to any of that bull. MCR really is a band that want’s to save your life. If you’re ever feeling like crap, for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to find some My Chemical Romance to brighten your day.

Suggested songs from My Chemical Romance to make your life better (But the others are all good, too):
  • The End./Dead!
  • Welcome To The Black Parade
  • Famous Last Words
  • The Sharpest Lives
  • Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
  • Cemetery Drive
  • Im Not Okay (I Promise)
  • Teenagers
  • House Of Wolves
Enjoy your life! Suicide is cowardly and selfish! … and cutting yourself is just dumb.