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On The Run

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Hope you all didn’t think I was dead. I was damn close to it, though. Bastards broke through the windows, flooded the house beneath us. We had to run around the horde – via jumping out the windows over them – before they crawled on top of each other until they piled over the wall that was once our stairs. We’re left without weapons, and minor amounts of food. Our goal now? Rickenbacker Base. A military base located north from here, we heard from another survivor that the Air Force and the National Guard are performing a joint-operation there to provide refuge for survivors and evacuation services. The survivor who told us said he was going back for his family… but our entire town has been overrun, we were lucky to get out alive. He’s probably dead by now.

We’re just going to hope that Rickenbacker is alive and well and  there are few ghouls between here and there.


Probably only one or two more of these. Unlikely any between now and Christmas, so, Happy Holidays, all!

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In Hiding

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s amazing how quickly these monsters spread in a day. The moment I heard a gunshot, the house was boarded up, the bathtub was filled with water (Trust me, it’ll go out eventually), and our staircase is now in ruins. We’re holed up on the second floor, with anything we could consider a weapon being held tightly like a lover. One broke into the first floor, and was hindered by the severe blockage that was the giant wall where our staircase once was. We didn’t know what to do about the living corpse, as we have no projectile weapons, and we didn’t want to waste any melee weapons. Its still clawing at the wall, the incessant moan is getting to my head. I’m about to just jump down there and beat the bastard to a pulp, but that would probably end in my death.

I’m not sure how the rest of the neighborhood is holding up, I’ve seen other monsters prowling the town. Haven’t recognized any of them, thank God. I think I really would go crazy if I saw my neighbor eating someone.

I just heard a car crash. Someone narrowly missed hitting one of them, thinking it was a human, probably. The poor soul. He’s getting out of the car, trying to… oh, the idiot. He’s trying to communicate with the zombie, what a futile effort. Oh shit, the guy has a gun. He’s shooting at the zombie, but not the head. I’m not sure if its fear or bad aim that’s keeping him from putting the demon down, but its still charging. It just grabbed him. Yup, he’s dead. Ouch. Hope he didn’t need that neck.

Anyway… we’re trying to keep ourselves sane, and its a miracle that the power is still on. The T.V. has remained off, though, as we don’t want the sound to attract a horde of the bastards. I can only hope that rescue arrives soon… all of the major news sites say that evacuation teams (National Guard) are being dispatched all over the state, and the country has officially been declared in a state of emergency. When it does, we just have to try to fight our way out to the evacuation centers, or just pray that they set up shop close to us.

One of the first floor windows just crashed open. I’ll hope its human.



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A Murder, They Said

December 19, 2009 Leave a comment

There was a story on the news today. Someone had been murdered. They were bitten at the neck and taken to Mount Carmel East Hospital in Columbus where they died of unknown causes. They say its a cult killing, but what cult? And why? It made no sense. I’ve been monitoring the news lines all day. Nothing else on the story. A press blackout just doesn’t happen in this country. Something strange is going on.

I just got a call from a friend of mine, Ty. He said that there was another news story, more killings. In the hospital. Five. The victims appeared to have been murdered by cannibals. Their limbs were chewed off, if not totally gone.

Bite marks, sudden deaths, in-hospital cannibals… this can only mean one thing…


I’ve read about this, studied their mannerisms, and how to spot an incoming infestation. But, seriously? Who would have guessed that Zombies would actually become a threat some day? I don’t know what to make of this, my survival guide states that these kind of infestations spread quickly, especially with humanity’s lack of knowledge about the Solanum Virus. Enforcement will be minor. They’ll be here soon… so very soon.

I must prepare.

This blog – although its music-themed – will be used as a journal for all to see through the coming infestation. If I don’t make it out of this, spread my story, and warn the world what is coming.


Remember, folks, this is a “Blog Like Its The End Of The World” post – NONE OF THIS IS REAL SERIOUSLY I’M TALKING ABOUT ZOMBIES. I understand that this is not music related in any way, but, hey, I thought it would be fun! 😀

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